Throughout history, it has been recognized that garlic has the potential to assist the immune system in a number of ways beneficial to our health, including the stimulation of immune cells,the killing of pathogens and the detoxification of carcinogens. 

With the discovery by a team of chemists and chemical process engineers who pioneered and patented the unique process of water-based extraction and freeze-drying, stabilized allicin, the full benefits of garlic are now available to the public. 

Start taking real stabilized allicin (powder, liquid, cream) and you will feel different.  You may detox and experience an improvement in your general health, well-being, and resistance to disease.  

More than 2000 scientific papers citing Allicin are documented in 'Athens' the University and Scientific Community Database and Pub Med.

Allicin has been tested in vitro (in the lab) and proved effective against a wide spectrum of otherwise resilient threats. In vivo (in life), Allicin tests very positively. It has been used recently, for example, in trials led by Dr. R.Cutler (Queen Mary University, London). The papers are available at Google via Scholar search (Dr. R. R. Cutler, Allicin).

Nature's antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral


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Allimax with 100% pure Allicin has been used successfully to maintain wellness or recover from a variety of illnesses.

Recommended Reading: The Heart of Garlic by Peter Josling. 

"Shallots are for babies; Onions are for men; Garlic is for heroes."

To your health! 

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