Allicin The  Heart of Garlic 
by Peter Josling

Nature's Aid to Healing the Human Body

Throughout history, it has been recognized that garlic has the potential to assist the immune system in a number of ways beneficial to our health, including the stimulation of immune cells, the killing of pathogens and the detoxification of carcinogens.   Until recently, however, the question has remained, how could we harness the special powers that the herb has long been suspected of possessing?

This book will show you how to combat and even reverse a wide range of ailments, especially microbial disease caused by bacterial, fungal and viral infections, improving your overall health, well-being, and resistance to disease.

  • Viral diseases are spreading around the world 
  • Protect family from fatal infections, tuberculosis, smallpox and flesh-eating bacteria.
  • Learn how to prevent MRS and halt the spread of the deadly "superbug"
  • Save money on both doctor and hospital bills
  • Protect loved ones from the ravages of infectious diseases
  • Protect yourself from environmental toxins and disease
  • Prevent infection returning
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