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Battling SIBO

Posted by on 2/1/2017

Battling SIBOOngoing research supports treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) with herbal antibiotics. A John's Hopkins multi-center study indicates “herbal therapies are at least as effective as pharmaceutical antibiotics” (Rx), like Rifaximin, to relieve symptoms and reduce gas levels on breath testing for SIBO. 

Garlic, a natural antibiotic known for it's healing and antibacterial properties has been used for centuries, and many health practitioners also recommend Allimed w/allicin, the heart of garlic, as one of the ways to battle small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). But, to get rid of SIBO for good, you have to get to the underlying issues that caused the bacterial overgrowth, which means taking a closer look at your diet and your lifestyle. Diet and exercise remain key components in supporting your health.
According to Dr. Siebecker and her SIBO colleagues, there are no other herbal alternatives as powerful as Allimed with allicin garlic extract, effective for SIBO, and shown not to kill probiotics, good for those who are sensitive.

Want to learn more about ways to eliminate SIBO once and for all?

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Date: 2/18/2017
tanya hancock
I have been battling an array of digestive issues for many years, most recently SIBO. I had tried everything, including a very restrictive diet with very minimal results. I also did the rifaximen which had limited and very short term results, not only that but it was too expensive, even after my insurance paid for part of it. I did tons of research and decided to try Allimed despite its cost. I started with three 450 mg tablets for three days and then went up to six for 11 additional days. On day 14 I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I believe my body was cleansing itself of those nasty SIBO bugs. Since then my stomach has remained nearly flat even after meals. Everything seems to be working better in there. I have ordered another bottle so that I may continue with a maintenance dose. I hope that this will keep the SIBO at bay as I cannot afford to take six caps a day. Excellent product but if I can't afford I will have to give it up.
8/22/2018 3:02:00 PM
Tony Powell
Hi Tanya, really appreciate your comments as it has give me hope. Can you please advise if you took the capsule/s with food and at what times? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you Tony
5/25/2018 4:48:00 PM
Edward S
I just got the Allimed for the SIBO, how have you been after the intial treatment you wrote about in your post? Did you wane off the Allimed? How?
Date: 1/20/2020
Ana Tridico
Hi guys! I am having indigestion taking it with food. Any tips on how to take the capsules. I am still taking 2 caps a day, and having super bad indigestion....

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