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Here's To Your Heart!

Posted by S.Novak on 2/10/2021
Here's To Your Heart!
February isn’t only for Valentine’s Day and expressing your love.  It’s also a time to look at your own heart and taking time to love yourself and your own heart.  Here are 14 Heart healthy tips to keep your heart beating to beautiful tune.

When You’re Feeling Blue, Bring On The Gratitude. How Being Grateful Actually Boosts Your Immune System.

Posted by Skylar Novak on 11/25/2020
When You’re Feeling Blue, Bring On The Gratitude.  How Being Grateful Actually Boosts Your Immune System.
It’s Thanksgiving 2020.  Whew… what a year.  We know most of you have had a challenging time with everything going on with flu season, the election, life and now the holidays.  I say when you’re feeling blue, bring on the gratitude.

Kids, Back To School and Staying Healthy

Posted by Skyler Novak on 9/1/2020

It’s September.  The time for vacations to be over and we head back to and kids head back to school.  Well, hopefully they are heading back to school.  If your children are heading back to the classroom  you’ll find there are a lot of fears floating around and conflicting do’s and don’ts.

Relax, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your child healthy and happy during this strange time.  And if they are healthy and happy, you will be too. 

Spring Brings Ticks, Ticks Bring Lyme Disease

Posted by S. Novak on 5/6/2020
Spring Brings Ticks, Ticks Bring Lyme Disease
Ahh Spring!  A time of singing birds, blooming flowers, the trees bursting with green and ticks.  These nasty little buggers that like to hitch a ride, bury in and feed off of the dog, birds, deer and you!  The return of these small monsters also brings the chance of Lyme Disease.  We’ve compiled information to help you stay armed should they attack.

Oral Health and Allicin???

Posted by S. Novak on 3/12/2020
Oral Health and Allicin???

I know when you think of oral hygiene, you probably don’t think about garlic, that is unless you just had some pizza or pasta filled with garlic and you’re trying to avoid talking to anyone until you can get to the mouthwash at home.  Yummy, but potent.

But here’s the thing.  Allicin, a major component of garlic, has been shown to help keep bad bacteria at bay which contributes to dental diseases.  And, if that wasn’t cool enough, garlic also contains anti-fungal and antiviral properties as well, which helps to promote strong, healthy teeth and gums.