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Allisure AC-23 is the registered trademark for liquid, cream, gel and powder products that contain real stabilized allicin.

A patented manufacturing process releases allicin from its precursor chemicals and stabilizes this unique bioactive molecule. Allicin has significant clinically proven abilities to kill a very wide range of microbial pathogens when the formulations are delivered both topically and orally to human and animal subjects.

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AlliUltra Allicin LiquidAlliUltra Allicin Capsules


AlliMed Sprays, Liquids, Capsules & Cremes 

Alliderm Gel

Alliderm Allicin Gel

Allimax Probiotic

Allimax Pre-Pro Vegetarian Allicin Capsules 

Mountain Red

Mountain Red Deer Velvet