Here's To Your Heart!

February isn’t only for Valentine’s Day and expressing your love.  It’s also a time to look at your own heart and taking time to love yourself and your own heart.  Here are 14 Heart healthy tips to keep your heart beating to beautiful tune.

1.)  No ifs, ands or butts about it - give up the cigarettes

Avoiding tobacco is one of the best ways to take care 

of your health and blood vessels.  Fact - smoking is 

one of the top things you can control that is a huge 

risk for heart disease.

2.) Salsa baby and not the dance

Did you know salsa is not only delicious, but is an 

antioxidant rich snack.  Pair with low fat chips and 

think about adding in some canned black beans for 

heart healthy fiber.  Having a diet rich in fiber can help 

lower that bad cholesterol.  

3.)  Move to the Music

Now this Salsa is also healthy as is any kind of 

dancing. Dancing gets your heart rate up, opens up 

your lungs and you burn calories.  So stop what 

you’re doing and take a “dance break” and get your 

whole body moving.

4.) Laugh until your belly hurts

Take time to enjoy life and laugh at even the little

        things.  Catch your favorite comedy movie, be silly, 

have fun with friends and find the funny in any 

situation.  The American Heart Association research 

suggests laughing can lower stress hormones, 

reduce inflammation in arteries and also raise levels 

of “good cholesterol”.

5.) Red wine to feel fine

Moderate consumption of adult beverages can help 

raise good cholesterol levels, help prevent blood clot 

formation and artery damage.  Word from the Mayo 

Clinic says red wine in particular may offer benefits to 

your heart.  This doesn’t give you the go ahead to 

drink the whole bottle.  Moderation is key.  So keep it 

one glass or two.

6.) Let them eat chocolate… Whaaat??

Did you know Dark Chocolate contains heart healthy 

flavonoids which help to reduce inflammation and 

lower risks of heart disease.  Again, moderation is 

key and only dark chocolate - not the sugar laden 

milk chocolate.  So the next time your sweet tooth

calls, reach for a square or two of dark chocolate.

7.) Channel your inner child and go play!

Do something different to exercise like roller skating, 

bowling or a good game of tag.  Don’t ever think you 

have to give up fun when you want to burn calories 

workout your heart.

8.) Gaaaarlic Baby!

Garlic has long been used in cooking for flavor, but 

do you actually know how good it is for you?  Well, 

here you go:

  - Garlic is good for your arteries to keep them pliable 

- Studies show garlic can help lower blood pressure

- It’s low in calories, rich in Vitamin C & Manganese 

- Helps lower “bad cholesterol”

- Reduces artery plaque formation

- Helps lower blood sugar

- And so much more! Look it up.

9.) Spend time with a furry friend 

What’s better than unconditional love and wet kisses 

or the comfort of purring?  Not much when it comes 

to heart health.  The National Institute of Health says 

owning a pet can help improve your heart function. 

So take some time and just be with that furry friend of 


10.) Roadtrip!!!!!

Crank up the tunes, turn off your phone, let that guy 

go in front of you and enjoy the ride.  Believe it or not, a road trip can be relaxing and fun. So start your 


11.) Tea Time!

Take a moment and brew a cup of Green or Black

tea and reap the benefits. The American Heart 

Association reports drinking one to three cups of tea 

a day may help lower risk of heart issues, as drinking 

these teas is linked to lower rates of angina and heart 

attacks. Just skim the crumpets.

12.) Don’t forget your nuts

Heart healthy fats, protein and fiber can be found in

nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts and other 

tree nuts.  Having them in your diet can help lower

the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Keep the amount

small as nuts, while full of healthy goodness, also

have a lot of calories.

13.) Take a walk

Stresses of the day can be detrimental to your heart 

health, so take a walk.  Walking in nature is a great 

way to defuse stress, anger, anxiety or sadness. 

Walking also helps you burn calories and build

muscle mass which can help maintain a healthy 


14.) Find your bliss

Finding your happy place is not only good for your

soul, but it’s good for your heart.  Being stressed out,

anxiety ridden or angry can up the risk of heart 

disease and stroke.  So find time to take care of 

yourself, relax and find that zen place.

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