Suffering from Lyme Disease

This commercial shows in thirty seconds what life is like for a patient suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease. 

I wrote, produced and directed it, for my girlfriend and the thousands of other patients who suffer greatly from this disease. It is meant to create awareness and to help give Lyme patients around the world a voice. Apart from the commercial itself, we organized the 'Lyme is Hell' campaign that started with a conference in the Netherlands about the disease, to raise more awareness. The conference was also the kick-off moment for the commercial 'Lyme is Hell'. This is the English version of the Lyme is Hell commercial. The original aired a year before in the Netherlands. "Lyme does not kill you right away, but it does take your life." 

Lyme is Hell - TV commercial (English Version) from Jaap Ruurd Feitsma on Vimeo.

CREW Producer/Writer/Director: Jaap Ruurd Feitsma 
Camera: Ids Aalbers 
Sound Design/Voice-Over/
Music: Linze Valk 
Cam. ass: Mark de Jong 
CAST Anne Teune Marian Diepgrond Henk Feitsma



Date 6/7/2017


Date 5/8/2018

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