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Garlic, since ancient times is recognized by diverse civilizations for its myriad of medicinal properties. The Egyptian's and Roman's used garlic to enhance their physical endurance, and in the 20th century, garlic was used to fight against the global influenza pandemic (i.e. flu).  Today, more than 5,000 scientific publications from all over the world have gradually confirmed the traditionally recognized health benefits of garlic, which include acting as an antibiotic as well as other health advantages like its anti-cholesterol and antihypertensive benefits.

One of the major breakthroughs in the research of garlic study was the discovery of allicin (al-e-sin) in 1944 by Italian Chemist, C.J. Cavallito. Allicin is the principle biological active compound of garlic and scientific evidence suggest that allicin is responsible for the many health benefits associated with garlic.  Here you'll discover the link between garlic and the powerful health-giving properties of allicin, and the future of allicin in fighting today‚Äôs reemergence of infectious diseases caused by microbes, like Lyme, MRSA, SIBO, and more.

See what the experts have to say and learn all about Allicin. Explore it's history, medical uses, research, clinical studies and more.  Discover the link between garlic and the powerful health-giving properties of Allicin as well as the future of Allicin in fighting today's re-emergence of infectious diseases caused by microbes.  

To learn more conduct your own search using the term "allicin" or "garlic" or visit these links for a wealth of information supporting the benefits of garlic.