Sinusitis is one of those common, chronic, often debilitating conditions which conventional allopathic medicine has deemed “incurable.”

~ Dr, Rob Ivker


The National Center for Health Statistics reported that—to everyone’s surprise— chronic sinusitis was the nation’s most common chronic condition, with an estimated 40 million sufferers. 

Most major cities in the US and worldwide have significant air pollution problems.  The EPA has documented that indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor air. During the winter and early spring months, with the heat turned on, the indoor environments can be quite dry even in humid climates.


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Most sinus infections are triggered by the common cold, as a result of the virus exacerbating the inflammation of the mucous membrane. Not surprisingly “cold season” parallels “sinus season” – October through March. This also happens to coincide with the heavier outdoor pollution season, as well as drier indoor air…all optimum conditions for sinus infections.


Along with the rise in sinusitis, the incidence of asthma has more than tripled worldwide since 1980, and incidence of allergic rhinitis has seen a similar meteoric rise. Chronic respiratory conditions are linked to air pollution. They are also characterized by ongoing inflammation that periodically becomes extremely symptomatic in the presence of specific triggers.


“Issues in the Tissues”

After identifying many of the dietary and environmental risk factors, Dr. Ivker has developed treatments to address each one, tested on himself and his patients.  These interventions include avoidance of obvious trigger foods, increased intake of natural foods and supplements rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds; detox protocols aimed at getting rid of accumulated toxins; daily nasal/sinus hygiene; exercise & healthy sleep cycles; and strategies to improve indoor air quality.


Further improvements are possible when you learn to understand and appreciate the effect of mental, emotional, and spiritual factors on the inflamed mucous membrane. Repressed anger and unshed tears (grief) have been found to be two primary “issues in the tissues.” Unconditional love plays a key role in health and healing.


Integrated these recommendations into a treatment program allowed Dr. Ivker to cure his own chronic sinusitis in the spring of 1987. These strategies became the basis of his Sinus Survival/Respiratory Healing Program, and the foundation of his bestselling book, Sinus Survival, first published in 1988, and now in it’s 4th edition.


There are 10 core components to this program that work synergistically to heal the chronically inflamed mucous membrane:


1. Treating & Preventing Sinus Infections, Colds, Asthma Attacks

2. Improving Indoor Air Quality

3. Practicing Effective Nasal Hygiene

4. Treating & Preventing Fungal Sinusitis/Fungal Asthma/Candida Overgrowth

5. Eating the “Fully Alive Diet” – Candida-control, Hypoallergenic and Anti-inflammatory

6. Taking Anti-inflammatory Vitamins and Supplements

7. Eliminating & Preventing Allergies

8. Maintaining Exercise & Quality Sleep

9. Detoxifying the Body

10. Healing the Issues in Your Tissues -- Mental/Emotional and Spiritual/Social Factors


Following Dr. Ivker’s plan for 3 months often results in significant improvement or full resolution of sinusitis in many.  This approach not only resolves sinusitis it has multiple beneficial effects, with many experiencing a dramatic improvement in their overall health and vitality.


Consider Dr. Ivker’s Respiratory Healing program, the summation of his decades of experience working with extremely challenging sinus patients from the U.S. and abroad.


If you’re struggling with chronic sinusitis, you do not have to live with the misery of sinus disease. Make a commitment to your health rediscover your ability to live and breathe freely, a precious gift.


Establish new habits and eliminate your chronic sinus condition



  1. Sleep at least 7-8 hour

  2. Drink lots of water (at least ½ oz./lb. body weight).

  3. Avoid eating sugar, dairy, gluten-grains, and red meat.

  4. Spray frequently with Sinus Survival Spray; use a steam inhaler (or steam from shower), followed by irrigation with SinuPulse Elite

  5. Inhale medicinal eucalyptus oil (spray on tissue and inhale 2x-3x/day)

  6. Take Vitamin C (3,000mg), E (400 I.U.), a multi-vitamin, flaxseed and fish oil.

  7. Walk briskly at least 20-30 minutes.

  8. Do an anger-release technique for at least 2 minutes.

  9. Recite at least this one affirmation: I’m always doing the best I can”

  10. Meditate and/or pray for at least 5 minutes.

  11. Connect with a loved one or a close friend.


There’s no quick trick or magic bullet.  Resolving these conditions takes a commitment to a comprehensive multimodality holistic approach. You’ve got to learn to become what I call a “respiratory healer.” ~ Dr. Rob Ivker


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Date 4/12/2023

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