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Allimax Capsules, Cream, Liquid & Spray

Allimax supports your body's immune system through natural allicin, a natural organosulfur compound, extracted from fresh, raw garlic using a crushing, filtration and temperature controlled extraction process that dissolves pure allicin in water. We use garlic from the beautiful lands of Spain. Garlic has been used since the Egyptians and Romans realized that it enhanced their physical endurance. Later in the 20th-century garlic was used to battle the global influenza pandemic (ie: flu). Allicin plus ginger for travelers tummy, and a probiotic for IBS. Allicin has no recorded resistance and is considered "Nature's Antibiotic".

Historical uses of allicin (from garlic) for resistant infections such as Typhoid, Cholera, Smallpox, Dysentery, Plague, Flu, Anthrax (agricultural) Tuberculosis and used EXTENSIVELY until sulphonamide antibiotics were discovered.

Guaranteed 100% yield of pure stabilized Allisure AC-23.

Allimax can help the common cold and reduce the severity of symptoms. In a double-blind placebo-controlled survey with 146 volunteers, only 24 volunteers contracted a cold but their average symptom day was 1.52 compared to the placebo volunteers who had 5.01 days of symptoms. And only 2 volunteers had a repeat infection vs 16 of the placebo volunteers.

Allimax Liquid and Cream can be applied to fungal nail infection or Athletes foot. Pairing with 1 to 3 Allimax capsules daily can help speed up the recovery process. Other uses for Allimax Liquid is applying to cuts, bruises, bites, stings, nebulizers, eyes, and ears that can become infected. It is safe for children 3 and over and pets. The liquid can also be mixed with your own cream, gel or oil if you wish. Skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, diaper rash, again Athletes foot or toe and finger infections can also benefit from a course of liquid Allimax Cream. You can use the cream as many times per day topically.  

If you are prone to cold sores caused by herpes simplex virus immediate use of Allimax Liquid or Cream as soon as your lips begin to tingle, it can help a cold sore from worsening. Warts are another viral infection that can benefit from Allimax Liquid and Cream. Just apply directly to the wart as much as you wish.

Available in 4 solutions:

Capsule: Each capsule contains 180 mg. A capsule is equivalent to 8 drops of liquid. Each capsule contains Capsugel vegetarian capsule Non-GMO maltodextrin, Allicin. 

Cream: Can be applied as many times per day and paired with pills or liquid. Works for all skin conditions.

Liquid: 8 drops per dosage and does not need dilution. It can be diluted but it's not necessary. For uses such as bites, rashes, MRSA boils, etc.

Spray: Has 1 drop of mint oil in the bottle and is made from fresh raw garlic. The same as the Allimax Liquid but with mint. For throat, the spray works for chest infections and mouth health-gingivitis, gum and tooth infections, sore throat. Use 1-2 sprays multiple times per day.

Get the benefits of garlic now!

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